Belfort, Au Fil du Temps - Tome 2


With 116 pages, this volume 2 will allow you to discover the Belfort of yesteryear through 200 beautiful pictures on the Lion City for the most part ever seen: neighborhoods, shops, craftsmen, soldiers, schools ... - The first pictures of Belfort 1860s - The fortifications in 1875 from an unprecedented report - The construction of the district of the Vosges around 1900 - 1920: Pegoud returns home - The life of Belfort in the 1930s by Drouin photographer - June 1940: The Germans to Belfort - Sequences on Belfort between 1945 and 1970 With this book, it is the Belfort of the day which lives in front of you 116 pages, size 17.5 x 25 cm

116 Pages

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